We are a two-person production team that combines original music, voiceover, and footage to create book trailers (botras) for authors.

Let us help bring your book to life!


We met while attending college at The University of North Texas. Cooper was studying music and working as a freelance bass player, and Laurel was studying psychology and working as a music journalist. When asked to create a commercial for an upcoming young adult novel, we jumped at the unique opportunity to combine all of our skills! After moving to Los Angeles in 2010, we decided to devote more time to making book trailers and started investing in our tools and equipment. We have had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of authors in a variety of genres, and we can’t wait to create something for you!

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How We Work

Our process varies with each book: sometimes an author will come to us with a precise idea for a trailer, and sometimes an author will ask us to come up with several concepts from scratch and decide on an idea together.

In either case we each read the book independently, then work out our initial ideas until we come to an agreement about the visual and musical concept that best represents the story. Cooper will begin composing, performing, and recording the music while Laurel begins to arrange the film using the book’s original art work or our own live footage. We write and record any voiceover necessary to the film, and we each assist in the editing process. We work with the author to tailor the final draft to their exact specifications et voilĂ ! We have collaboratively crafted the perfect book trailer.

BoTra Express

We understand that some authors prefer to let their work stand alone with fewer bells and whistles. Contact us for more information about our BoTra Express package!

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